Greenflon Company passed the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard review


On November 27, 2018, the Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standards Review Meeting led by the Zhejiang Institute of Standardization was held in Juhua Hotel. After a number of industry-authorized expert groups conducted strict inquiries and deliberations, this standard passed the review.


After participating in the careful review of the standards and preparation instructions for the “double-sided fluorine film insulation backsheet for crystalline silicon solar cell modules” drafted by Greenflon company, The group standard is based on GB/T31034-2014<insulating backplane for crystalline silicon solar cell modules>. It refers to the technical requirements of advanced peer products at home and abroad, combined with the status and trends of photovoltaic backplane technology and industrial development, in accordance with Zhejiang manufacturing standards and GB/T31034-2014 Compared with the standard, some new technical indicators have been added and tightened, the process has been optimized, and the safety and reliability of the products have been improved. The standard level has reached the domestic first-class and international advanced; Group standard is conducive to improving the overall technical level of the industry and enhancing the brand image of “Made in Zhejiang”.Wu Zhouan, the chief engineer of the group, said at the review meeting  was fully prepared, the process was rigorous and orderly, and a multi-party expert demonstration was gathered, which has a strong guiding significance for project promotion. Juhua will continue to attach importance to and support the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” labeling work, and promote the industrial technology upgrading of the giantization and even the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

In the end, the review panel agreed to pass the standard review and report it to the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” Brand Construction Federation for approval and release.