The “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard drafted by the company is officially distributed.


“Zhejiang Manufacturing” is based on “regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international recognition” and “standard + certification” as a means to integrate quality, technology, service and reputation. It is recognized by the market and society and represents Zhejiang. The regional brand image logo of the advanced manufacturing industry is the “standard” and “leader” of Zhejiang manufacturing industry, and it is synonymous with high quality and high level.

The standard for double-sided fluorine film insulation backsheet for crystalline silicon solar cell modules drafted by the company is approved by Zhejiang Plastics Co., Ltd. as the “Made in Zhejiang” standard, and officially implemented on December 31, 2018. This is a historic breakthrough for the company to lead the industry standards, and it is another milestone in the history of the “marking” of Greenflon.