“Good things come in pairs” the project of Green company named Solar Battery Backsheet Development and Industrialization won the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology and China National Light Industry Association


Recently, Zhejiang Green New Materials Co., Ltd. won the second class prize of 2018 Zhejiang Science and Technology Second Prize and the China National Light Industry for the development and industrial application of high weathering flame retardant multi-layer fluorine alloy film backsheet of solar modules.
The Science and Technology Award of Zhejiang Province aims to honor technological innovations that have made significant contributions to the promotion of scientific that their economic, social or ecological achievements in specific fields or projects. Zhejiang Green New Materials Co., Ltd. has developed a high weathering and flame retardant multi-layer fluoroalloy film backsheet and realized industrialization. The products met international standards, passed the test and certification of many authoritative third parties around the world, and successfully replaced imported products. It broke the monopolized situation that domestic high-end solar battery backboard and key materials which controlled by foreign countries for a long time.
The China Light Industry association Science and Technology Award is the highest level award established by the China Light Industry association. It is considered the “medal of honour” for light industry. “. Recommended by the China Fluoroplastic Processing Committee, the company won the second prize of the 2018 China Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award.
The fluorine alloy film developed by the company has independent intellectual property rights and can completely replace imported products, and has achieved many domestic firsts. It is the first company in China to produce solar battery backsheet film using domestic resin, and is also the first company to have a fluorine film production line with independent intellectual property rights. Backsheet series of GPG, GPE, and GPJ have broken the monopoly position of foreign companies on the and achieved the thorough localization. The project completed the research on backsheet membrane recycling technology, which can realize the recycling of backboard materials and be more environmental protection.
The high-end solar battery backsheet products independently developed by Green Company were selected in the “Zhejiang Fine Manufacturing” list in 2015, and have won the title of Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product, China PV Front Runner Technology Innovation Contribution Award and China Photopolymer Polymer Ten Year Technology Innovation Award. It is authorized 7 kinds of invention patents, presided over the drafting of the Zhejiang manufacturing group standard “double-sided fluorine film insulation back sheet for crystalline silicon solar cell components”. Backsheet products have been used in batches of CGNPC and more than ten of well-known module companies in China. They are applied in large-scale ground power stations in the west, distributed power stations in the central, eastern regions, and foreign markets.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Juhua Group, the company has the most complete fluorine chemical industry chain in China. Based on its industrial chain advantage, the Green backsheet has higher cost performance and provides customers with high security and low electricity cost in order to meet the high quality development needs of customers.